Thursday, 18 October 2012

Deepika Padukone For GQ India October 2012

"Watching Deepika in her early days in Bangalore, it was clear that modelling came easy to her, yet she was diligent  about her presentation. A complete natural, she had the height and slander frame that I knew would take her to the top. Her move Mumbai saw her developing into a stunning and self-assuring beauty. Suddenly her sultry image stared down at you from everywhere, a certain confidence evident as she move into the pantheon.

                           When Farah Khan first screen-tested her for Om Shanti Om with Shah Rukh Khan, the directer wasn't terribly impressed with her diction and dancing skills and told Deepika to work on them if she was serious about succeeding in the movies. As always , she rose to the challenge, immersing herself in acting classes, perfecting her Hindustani as well as learning classical and contemporary dance. Farah kept her waiting for almost a year before casting her - the rest is history.

                          The Hindi film industry doesn't have many options for heroines, with actress largely relegated to props for the hero and eye candy for the masses; leading ladies have a frighteningly short shelf-life and fade away as fresh faces take their place. I think Deepika understand this better than most. She has made the most of her opportunity and with great investments and endorsements, is growing super brand."

Deepika Padukone

Kalki Koechlin

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